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Introduction to the ScrewSucker™ Pumping System
The ScrewSucker™ Pumping System is a new approach to mob

A. The Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Pump.
The Swiss made pump is made to the highest standards and with its screw centrifugal impeller it gives the ScrewSucker™ Pump a very large free passage combined with a very low power input. Hidrostal Pumps have an average efficiency at BEP of 78%. The clog free designed Hidrostal Pump is capable of pumping raw sewage, clean and dirty Bentonite , thick slurries and waste water. Rubber covered Flushl ess mechanical seals, solid
tungsten carbide against solid silicon carbide, immersed in an oil bath enable the ScrewSucker™ to run dry.

B. The Electronic Priming System.
This advanced vacuum system has many advantages over conventional vacuum systems.

1. It has no moving parts or floats in the priming chamber.
2. The vacuum pump is only engaged when required, thus saving power and reducing wear.
3. Clog free design.
4. Remains effective even when ScrewSucker™ is pumping the thickest liquids.
5. Gives a constant vacuum when used on Well Pointing duties.
6. Has a large air handling capacity standard 60 cfm.
7. Primes up to 28 feet.

C. The Noise Reduction Canopy.
The canopy is made of high quality galvanized sheet metal. Inside and at the bottom of the canopy is a fuel tank. The fuel tank is enclosed inside a leak proof container thus preventing external leakage. The noise reduction characteristics of the canopy are impressive. Certified noise level measurements have been carried out at government testing stations and in accordance with EU directive 2002/14/EG. It gives the ScrewSucker™ Model 100 a noise level rating of LWA 80 dB (55 dB(A) @23 ft). Other advantages are:

1. High efficiency pump. The ScrewSucker™ 100 has a 49 gallon fuel tank capacity which enables the pump to run nearly 200 hours without the need to refuel.
2. Sturdy design with a lifting lug and fork lift channels.
3. Easy access through the three lockable doors.
4. Sabotage and vandal resistant construction.
5. Environmental friendly design, double containment.
6. Operator friendly with many safety features.

D. The Diesel Engine.
We only use the most trustworthy, modern and reliable diesel engines with low exhaust emission and low fuel consumption properties. The Deutz, Hatz, Perkins, or Caterpillar diesel engines are controlled by our own engine management system which has standard features such as:

1. Automatic start – stop level control.
2. Remote start- stop control capabilities.
3. GSM prepared.
4. Low oil pressure protection.
5. High engine temperature protection
6. Overload protection.
7. Hour meter

E. Many features can be easily added to our engine management system such as:

1. GSM breakdown and high water alarm system with SMS message service.
2. Remote starting and stopping via SMS messaging.
3. Fuel level indication with SMS messaging.
F. ScrewSuckers™ can be used for a variety of pumping duties:
1. Pumping raw and untreated sewage
2. Well Pointing
3. Flood relief
4. Emergency Pumping Stations
5. Pumping clean and contaminated Bentonite
6. Bypass Pumping

ScrewSuckers™ can carry out the most demanding applications and at the same time reduce your fuel bills by 50%
To arrange a demonstration or to find out more please contact
APSCO Pumping Services at 1-800-791-6195 or can i buy Prozac in uk
can you buy Prozac uk

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