• Flood Relief
• Over pumping and emptying of sewage sumps
• Dewatering of construction sites
• Well pointing & drainage lines, Sock dewatering
• Pumping slurry, sludge, bentonite, viscous material
• Emergency Response/Mobile Pumping Station
• Sewer Bypass
• Creek Diversion
• Fish Pumping
• Barge Ballasting
• Pond/Lagoon Aeration

Permanently Installed Redundant Pumping System:
Permanently install a ScrewSucker at your lift station for full redundancy.

Flood Relief
Part of a project for the River Maas region in Holland involving in total 45 10 inch pump systems.

Well Pointing
The electronic vacuum system caters for the water/air handling requirements for well pointing jobs

Bentonite Pumping
The capabilities of the Hidrostal impeller enables the ScrewSucker to pump contaminated Bentonite to the re-conditioning plant

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